Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Begining of spring break

Sunday: We went to our Dads house and I mowed the yard, and weed eated ,and went storm chasing.

Monday:we went to Mount. Cheaha, and went hiking an climbed rocks, and my dad repeled off the side of a Mountain. After that we went fishing at the bottom of the mountain but we didn't catch anything. Then we went are grandmas house and this dumb cat showed up and it was Freaking out going in circles.

Tuesday: I sleped in and then I played X Box then I ate breakfast then got on the computer then we went to the park and road bikes, and played football then came home and ate.

Wendsday: I got up and watched t.v . and ate breakfast Watched the Braves and they lost 6 to 4 after that I went outside and i mowed the whole yard then we went outside to play football and then we came in to eat supper, after that we watched the cubs game.

Hartford mud Bog part 4

Hartford mud Bog part 3

Hartford mud Bog part 2

Hartford mud Bog part 1