Saturday, December 08, 2007

Homecoming 2007

How did you find out you were the 6th grade representative for homecoming?
I found out when Peyton told me he wasn't going to it at around 11:00 when I was leaving lunch.

How did you feel when you found out?
I was Ok with it.

Did you know right away who the girl was that you were escorting? Who was she and what did you think about all of that? Did you talk to her about it? Were you glad it was her?
Yes! It was Ashley, I felt ok about it. No I didn't talk about it during school because we wathed Willy Wonka.

How were you selected? What part of the day did you find out and what were your friends and classmates telling you? I was runner up and Peyton couldn't be there so I had to come.

What were the things that you had to do to prepare?
I had alot of pictures taken with her all day, and I had to practice walking with her during math.

Did you feel nervous during the basketball game knowing that you had to escort Ashley at halftime? I was fine with it. I was not nervous.

Describe everything that happened before the game and during the first half.
Before the boys game I played around and then I had to sit with Ashley, and I had to find Ash.

Tell us what was going through your mind when you walked across the court and they called your name? How did it feel to walk across the court? Nothing that much except that was my first time to do something like that.

Would you like to do this again if you were selected?
I might would again. (I aked Joe about this more and he said that he would).

What happened after the game?
We had to get more pictures, and we had to dance after the pictures.

How did you like the dance? Was it like you expected or different?
It was pretty good. It was about what I expected.

Did you dance? If so, with whom?
Yes I danced with Ashley.

Did you think you were going to have to dance? What finally made you decide to do it?
I thought that you were going to to make me! You.

Who did you dance with and what was it like?
It was Ashley and it was ok.

What were some of the things that you and Ashley talked about?
We talked about me not wanting to dance with Brittany or Emily.

What were some of the things you and your other friends talked about?
Ashley and I asked Zach to dance with her.

How do you think your Mom and Dad felt about all of that?
I think they felt proud.

What did your Dad and brothers do at the dance?
One of my brothers danced and the other one didn't do much ,and my dad took pictures the whole time.

I know you had fun. How did it feel to have all of that attention and popularity?
It was very weird because every one was going ahh even the Fairview crowd was doing it.

What do you think the Lord would have you to think about all of that?
I think he would be proud of me.

Name at least three of the songs that you danced to.
(My brother picked it "Over an Over Again" by Nelly, "How Far" by Martina McBride, and a Kenny Chesney song.

Thanks for a great interview, Joe!


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